For both future and current fathers, the Black American Dad Foundation will provide a vast range of resources with a promise of directing its efforts towards the overall advancement of black fathers. 


B.A.D. Labs are innovative workshops that focus on creating bonding between fathers and their children. We take in pride on engagement and only perform labs that foster those relationships. We put it together and the dads get the credit :). 

Law Enforcement Connection

Our newest program, our connection with law enforcement was crucial as we saw the divide only growing wider and wider. We strive to tie community relations and law enforcements through events such as basketball tournaments, roundtable discussions, and engagement events

B.A.D. Media

B.A.D. Media is the visual work and effort to further the overall mission and vision of the foundation. The media ranges from video of events to theatrical monologues. 


This resource program aids fathers in need without the stigma or obligation. share with us your story and need with us.

Click the Gift to reach out to us. 


B.A.D. Fit

While we advocate for faTHERS, we must ensure they are healthy enough to see their children grow. These programs are catered to increasing the health and wellness of families. 

B.A.D. Jobs

B.A.D. Jobs is our job readiness program, where the BAD team helps our fathers through the entire process. These initiatives will provide professional development to our fathers in the community. From resume building, vocational training and even entrepreneurial instruction, this program educates and empowers fathers to make them job ready.