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On behalf of the Black American Dad Foundation we would like to thank you for taking the time to check us out! B.A.D started as the result of one of the greatest gifts we ever experienced, becoming a father. We created B.A.D. to be a positive and more important a supportive group for parents in all stages.  We are Black American Dads, we created this foundation to help as many fathers in whatever way we can. 

There is no greater joy than a new baby brought into the world. Our motto is "Through our children, we will rise." To fulfill our motto, we have a goal as the Black American Dad Foundation to support all black fathers. Through that, we hope to empower their children to be the bright stars to humanity we know that they are. 



Andrew joined B.A.D. in 2015 inspired to change the narrative plaguing black fathers. Becoming a dad at the age of 22 was harrowing to him. He saw how personal and professional relationships he had changed after he became a father. Something that was a blessing to him caused friction in other areas of his life due to negative stereotypes and antiquated narratives. His goal at B.A.D. is to help fathers unlock their potential because a better community starts with a better family starts with fathers at their best. Outside of B.A.D. Andrew is an entrepreneur, writer, and producer across media. 

Jeremy Givens - President

Before he was a father, Jeremy wanted to change the narrative of who "the black father" is. He saw a narrative that was troubling to him and was determined to find a way to shed light on who "the black father" truly is. Along with bringing recognition to great black fathers, he wanted to also find a way to help both current and future fathers embrace this role and live a lifestyle according to it. Now, Jeremy is the father of an amazing 5 year old boy, Cohen, and he lives with the motivation to build a better life for his son. Fatherhood is more than a role, it is a lifestyle; and spreading the word about that fatherhood is a driving factor of the manifestation of Black American Dad. Outside of B.A.D., Jeremy is an entrepreneur, actor, and filmmaker. 


Halisi Tambuzi

Board member

Halisi Tambuzi, J.D. is the founder and CEO of FourFiveSix.  FourFiveSix was created in 2017 as a way to help facilitate the interactions between police and the community.  Halisi was born in Arizona and grew up in the Valley before leaving to play college basketball.  He now resides in Tucson, Arizona with his wife and child. He obtained his bachelor’s in business in 2010 from Northern Arizona University.  He worked as a behavioral health technician managing a group home of youth directly impacted by the criminal legal system.  He left this industry in 2013 to attend law school.  He received his Juris Doctorate in 2015.

He enjoys a good food truck, snowboarding on fresh snow, and working with community organizations.

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